Canada becomes Hollywood's bitch

It’s been building up for quite while now and it’s almost over. Canada has submitted to the will of hollywood studios and is passing the appropriate laws.

Ok, let me say that again.

A Sovereign nation has made a modification to their legal system in order to comply with the wishes of movie producers in another country!

Am I the only one who think this is starting to get out of hand? Certainly not, from seeing the reactions of other bloggers, but I do not see any reaction from the people of Canada itself. How can they stand by and let their own politicians and legal body be bullied by some lobbyists in the USA? Why are they not up in arms throwing rotten tomatoes on those sellouts that say they represent the people?

Something similar happened in Sweden not so far back before when the MPAA lobbied the US goverment to pressure the Swedish goverment to force the police force to perform an illegal raid on the Piracy Bay.
What happened? 3 days later the Piracy Bay was back up and because of the nature of the raid and who was behind it, the Pirate party became that more popular. The Swedes obviously did not see favorably the fact that their goverment was being shoved in the direction the entertainment cartel wanted.

Canadians, on the other hand, just sit and take the pimp slaps of the Motion Pictures Ass. of America.

So what if they take away the previews? So what if push back the releases? They’re only shooting their own foot by forcing people to download if they want to watch the new releases.
It was just a scare tactic. It is not in their best interest to lose the box office revenue of entire Canada.
So they bluffed and forced a whole country to change their laws in a knee-jerk reaction.

Is this how things are going to be from now on? Whenever Holywood says “Jump” we’re going to be asking “How high?“? I am aware that many goverment bodies, especially the US one, work mostly for the benefit of the corporations and hide behind rhetoric for the people. However I’ve never before seen such a blatant display of power from the true beneficiaries of recent copyright laws.

When are people finally going to realize that it’s not us who needs hollywood and movies, it is them who need our wallets so that they can continue to pay the extravagant salaries of their movie “stars” and studio execs.

Canada, wake up and smell the bullshit! You are being 0wned!