W:O:A 2007 Gallery filled

Faces to loveSo, I’m back as you probably figured out. No big post yet but the gallery for the festival is filled with stuff. Until I can get around to writing the damn blogpost check it out and feel free to comment on stuff.

Unfortunately, two of my better and bigger vids where corrupted after I took them (no idea why. Size I guess?). But if you think you might be able to restore them, by all means attempt it! I’d be grateful if you did.

As for the post, I’ll try to split it into two parts. The first will be about my experience in the festival and will be hosted here, while I’m planning on writing the second over at my last.fm journal just for the heck of it.

Write to you soon.

WoA ready

  • Pile of camping stuff: Ready
  • Shit Kickers (To hold against the rain): Ready
  • Pozer outfit: Ready!
  • A crapload of torrents downloading: Done!
  • Rsyncing my whole music collection to ftp since I have the time: Why not.

Alls good. I probably forgot a shitload of stuff which will mean that I will end up in a very bad situation but what the hell. Lets screw up.

Wacken 2007, here I come!

Manowar Resurgence

So, yesterday me, Arnoc and Alisa had arranged to head over to the Magic Circle Festival in order to see some bands that each of us liked. Vadim wanted to see Stormwarrior, Alisa Majesty and me mostly for Gamma Ray but since I had the chance, [tag]Manowar[/tag] for the first time. In the past I’ve always avoided Manowar concerts because of the overwhelming feeling of suck most people informed me of. Read more “Manowar Resurgence”


Επίτέλους τελείωσα με την συλλογή των N-Carkade στο MusicBrainz, είχα παλιότερα καταγράψει την Ελονοσία αλλάProves δεν είχα βρεί ποτέ όρεξη. Χθές όμως καθώς αποφάσισα να γράψω τον Ρεμπέτη Μεταλλά σε ένα CD για να το πάω στο Final Destination να το παίξει ο DJ, μπριζώθηκα και όχι μόνο τελείωσα και τα 4 CD, αλλά ετοίμασα και τα Cover για το amaroK μιας και τα παλικάρια στο συλλεκτικό “KWLEKTORS EDITION” Τα είχαν χώσει σε μορφή BMP μέσα σε doc αρχεία (ugh)

Saga ShitfaceΜιας και πορώθηκα, πήγα και μια βόλτα από την σελίδα τους για να δω κάνα νέο αλλα απογοητέυτηκα. Όχι μόνο η σελίδα έχει παραμείνει χάλι μαύρο (Για να ταιριάζει με την θεματολογία τους φαντάζομαι) αλλά έχουν να την ανανεώσουν περίπου 3 χρόνια. Φοβάμαι οτι θα έχουν διαλυθεί και δεν θα ξανακούσουμε νέα άλμπουμ απο καθαρό Agrotik Metal.

Goat’s BallsΠαρ’ολ’αυτα είδα πολλά άτομα να ζητάνε τα τραγούδια τους, τα οποία τα παιδιά τα έδιναν τζάμπα και μάλιστα με δικά τους έξοδα αποστολής, (και κάποτε τα έδιναν απο την σελίδα του) τα οποία (τραγούδια), έχουν εξαφανιστεί πιά. Αυτό μου έδωσε την ιδέα να ιδρύσω το πρώτο (και κατά πάσα πιθανότητα τελευταίο) fan club για τους [tag]N-Carkade[/tag] η οποία θα είναι το ίδιο άθλια με τους ίδιους. Εαν δεν έχουν εξαυλωθεί εντελώς, ποτέ δεν ξέρεις μπορεί να θελήσουν να συμμετάσχουν 🙂

Voudou ZoulouΗ ιδέα είναι αρχικά να δημιουργήσω ένα σημείο στο οποίο όποιος κατεστραμμένος θέλει να μπορεί άνετα να κατεβάσει τα τραγούδια των βρωμιάρηδών μιας και δεν υπάρχει καμία δυνατότητα αυτή τη στιγμή. Δεν ξέρω εαν ακόμα στέλνουν τα CDιά τους με το ταχυδρομία αλλα στην εποχή που ζούμε δεν αξίζει να μην υπάρχει η δυνατότητα. Τι στο διάολο, bandwidth έχω μπόλικο και όλος ο κόσμος πρέπει να γνωρίσει την αηδία που εκφράζει το συγκρότημα αυτό.

Ίσως καταφέρω να ανεβάσω τα τραγούδια και στο Last.fm όπως έχουν κάνει και οι Anorimoi ωστε να υπάρξει μεγαλύτερη διασπορά της σκορτας.

Για όσους δεν ξέρουν τι εστι N-Carkade’ η γενική ιδέα είναι…σκατά, τσιρλίο, βρωμερό σεξ, Ψαχνά, σκατά, διαστροφή, παρωδία, σκατά, ξερατά, βόθροι, αίματα και γενικά [tag]Σκατά[/tag]. Παρ’ολ’αυτά έχουν μερικά γαμάτα τραγουδάκια παρωδίες που είναι όλα τα λεφτά. Να ένα παράδειγμα. Έχουν και μερικά άλλα απίστευτα, όπως ο προαναφερθήσας Ρεμπέτης Μεταλλάς το οποιο είναι χαλαρά ένα απο τα αγαπημένα μου τραγούδια.

Εαν σας άρεσαν αυτά τα 2, τοτε λίγη υπομονή μέχρι το προσεχές μέλλον, και εαν ξέρετε τα παιδιά, πείτε τους να επικοινωνήσουν μαζί μου εαν ενδιαφέρονται να τους βοηθήσω με το bandwidth και την σελίδα (που θα το κάνω έτσι και αλλιώς) ή να μου πουν εαν δεν θέλουν να ανεβάσω τα τραγούδια.


Just started syncing my music collection with Mp3Tunes. I discovered the thing through the Amarok blog (which incidentally has a really nice article about it) and the service seems promising, not to mention [tag]useful[/tag], especially for the backup aspects of it. I was always scared that my HDD would unexpectedly crash before I had a chance to DVD-backup my current version of my collection and this presents me an excellent option.

I guess now that I have a website, I could just as easily upload everything there through ftp, but it always seemed more trouble than it was worth. With this service however which provides unlimited storage I get to back it up and also get some extra perks for it.

It’s not that I need an online streaming option since Last.fm is perfectly capable of providing me with a radio station that I’m certain to like, but it’s still nice to have the option to listen to a specific song I crave.

The funny thing is that as far as I can see, this is perfectly legal. I am not distributing my music but rather storing it for personal use. The fact that “someone” could share his password with a friend who could then easily download anything he wanted from the collection does not make any difference 😉

One could easily take the next step and think about creating a “group account”, with a shared password among several friends who could then listen to songs from a much larger collection. This group could easily pool their money to buy a premium account at a very low cost and get all the benefits at a fraction of the cost.

What also perplexes me is the way these people suppose to make money out of this. They provide unlimited space for millions of people who will use it to upload Gigabytes over gigabytes of music. Then they are going to use it to listen to said music which should create enormous bandwidth needs. I know that storage is quite cheaper nowadays but storage, plus backup is not and unless they’ve figured out the perfect way to compress music then I don’t see how they can make money by giving premium users only small bonuses like unrestricted album covers and large file size and I don’t think that the music store is so attractive either.
The whole thing smells of .com bubble.

For the paranoid amongst us, you could even think that this is an elaborate scam by the RIAA to, in effect, voluntarily implicate ourselves with our collections.

In any case, I have now been added to the unlimited storage. If any of my friends is interested in the service and wants to get an immediate unlimited storage, I have three promo codes left that I can give you to get priority.

Right now, after 2.5 hours of up-syncing, I am still at 2% of progress. To finish it would take 4 non-stop full 24-hour days of syncing which I plan to do 🙂

All that needs to be done after that is to have it record my music to last.fm and/or be playable through Amarok itself (which should take care of the former as well, for LXers at least)

Underground gigs

I’m starting to like the Metal scene in Frankfurt more and more. Yesterday I met with Maubi to go to a little gig of a few underground bands at Die Halle that was organised by FFM-Rock. Initially we though the price must have been 6-8 €, judging from previous experience. I even though that for 5 bands it might go as high as 10.

I did not expect it to be just 5 FUCKING EUROS! Five!! That is, 1€ per band. And the beers were at 2€ each! Two!! I don’t have enough exclamation marks for this shit!!!
The bastards at the Harley bar in Thessaloni charged us 15€ for 2 bands and the beer was something like 4€ or 5€! Bastards!

Moving on

Smiling MaubiInitially we met with [tag]Maubi[/tag] at the underground station at 20:15 where he informed me that two others would join us. I do not remember their names now bur needless to say, they were familiar faces from the Final Destination.

We got on the train where they proceeded to speak mostly in German. To pay them back I started filming them 😛 I even managed to finally get a pic of Maubi for my called ID.

[coolplayer width=”352″ height=”288″ autoplay=”1″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”1″ mediatype=””]

We arrived at the concert hall, (die halle heh) at about 2:15 and as I expected, they knew everyone around.

[coolplayer]http://www.dbzer0.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=600&g2_serialNumber=2&.mp4 [/coolplayer]

The place was a regular bar and there must have been about three dozen customers. As you could probably listen in the previous video they were doing the sound check when we entered.

ChiabolaThe First band that was playing were Chiabola. I did not think to take a video of the band at that point so you’ll have to be happy with this picture only 🙂

What surpised me about them was that only one member of the band had long hair, something usually common in Nu metal bands. Their music however was quite good, reminding me a bit of Paradise Lost in their newer albums. They only played 3 or 4 songs if I remember correctly.

Force Trankill in action

The next band, Force Trankill, was the one that had Maubi’s two guitarists from his other band, Everfest. They were playing progressive rock, and without wanting to sound biased I must admit that they were the ones I like the most. Of course, this is not to say that the other bands were not good, Force Trankillquite the contrary. I was amazed at the quality of the bands I saw for just 5 euros!

The singer was probably one of the reasons why this band sounded so goo. This is the same singer that I saw in a previous [tag]gig[/tag] I went to. Maubi told me that band was his other project at which point I started wondering if everyone around here two pet bands as a pastime.

Another FriendI believe I have to also mention that the whole environment was really cool. Although I hand’t really spoken to many people by that point, everybody seemed friendly and a girl regular even promised to help me get a flyer of the gig.

The area in front of the stage was not packet and I had enough space to move around and take photographs and videos. That is not to say that people where not head banging and stuff.

Crystal Crow SingerNext on the stage were Crystal Crow, of which the singer I had noticed outside just because he was wearing a bandanna exactly like mine, as well as a leather trench coat, like me. When he went on the stage, I just knew he had stolen my idea (if I ever became the frontman to a band that is 🙂 )

Crystal Crow in actionI must say that they were pretty good. The singer could grab both the high and the low notes and used a guttural voice similar to old school Sentenced. Their songs were a bit melancholic and dark-themed as well which was a good change from the rest.

I think this might be a band worth looking into in the future. I’ve been meaning to find another darkware metal band as a replacement for the now disbanded Sentenced.

Liquid Horizon The next band on the line was Liquid Horizon, a clearly progressive act with quite a melodic undertone. The singer, as you’ll be able to see from the vids, was also the Guitarist which imho is a no-easy fit when you’re playing prog.

I took two videos of these dudes mainly because I run out of space on my mobile phone and had to move some files around.

Big Chief DrummerFun fact. During one of the songs, due to the beat that sounded similar to native american rythms, the drummer put on a feather headress for the whole song. Nice touch 🙂



At this point, our other friends had already left because they were tired, leaving just me an Maubi. Fortunately I had already started talking with various people around the place, including the owner who even bought me a drink. During my conversation with the owner, I asked him directly, how could he manage when he was charging such low prices for entry and drinks. He explained to me that it was quite difficult in the start, where he almost closed down, but now that people have learned the place and more gigs are happening.

You know it actually makes sense. Bands don’t come to play here for the money and as such don’t expect a high income (perhaps 10 euros). This in turn allows the owner to charge low entrance and drinks which brings more people to the scene. These people then promote the bands using word of mouth (like I am doing currently) and even buy the bands’ own merchandise. In the end everyone wins, unlike Greece where everyone was losing.

ScenesAnyway, now the next band was on the stage, going by the simple name: Scenes. We had already been told by enthusiastic people around there that they were the best of the lot and as they started doing the soundcheck I could see that the singer would make a good performance.

Scenes in actionI was not dissapointed. The singer was quite the frontman and their music was quite enjoyable really. Although it was not not the band I liked that night – and there were a few people headbanging on the front row, which goes to show that I was probably in the minority – I must admit that for an underground band their music was quite impressive. They reminded me quite a lot of Queensrÿche.

Unfortunately at this point it was time for me and Maubi to head out as well in order to catch the least train so we couldn’t really see the whole gig. We said our goodbyes, I received my flyer as promised and I vowed to return for more 🙂

Ahem, just one more time…5 FUCKING EUROS!!!1!one!

This I had to post

This is just precious:

HEAVY METAL: The protagonist arrives on a Harley
Davidson, kills the dragon, drinks some beers and
fucks the princess.

GRIND METAL: The protagonist arrives, screams
something completely undecipherable for about 2
minutes and then leaves…

POWER METAL: The protagonist arrives riding a white
unicorn, escapes from the dragon, saves the princess
and they make love in an enchanted forest.

TRASH METAL: The protagonist arrives, fights the
dragon, saves the princess and fucks her……. easy
and quick.

FOLK METAL: The protagonist arrives with some friends
playing accordions, violins, flutes and many more
weird instruments, the dragon falls asleep (from all
the dancing) protagonist leaves without the princess.

VIKING METAL: The protagonist arrives in a ship, kills
the dragon with his mighty mighty axe, cooks and eats
it, rapes the princess to death, loots the castle and
burns it down before he leaves.

DEATH METAL: The protagonist arrives, kills the
dragon, fucks the princess and kills her, then leaves.

BLACK METAL: The protagonist arrives at midnight,
kills the dragon and impales it in the front of the
castle… then sodomizes the princess, drinks her
blood in a ritual before killing her… then he
impales the deflowered princess.

GORE METAL: The protagonist arrives, kills the dragon
and spreads his guts in front of the castle, fucks the
princess and kills her….then he fucks her dead body,
slashes her belly open and eats her guts, fucks the
carcass for the third time, burns the corpse and fucks
it for the last time.

DOOM METAL: The protagonist arrives, sees the size of
the dragon and thinks that he never could beat him,
gets depressed and commits suicide… the dragon eats
his body and the princess as well.

PROGRESSIVE METAL: The protagonist arrives with a
guitar and plays a solo for 26 minutes, the dragon
kills himself out of boredom, the protagonist goes to
the princess’ bedroom, plays another solo with all the
techniques learned in the last year of the
conservatory… the princess escapes, and is now
looking for the “HEAVY METAL” protagonist.

GLAM METAL: The protagonist arrives, the dragon laughs
at the guy’s appearance and lets him enter, he steals
the princess’ make-up and tries to paint the castle in
a beautiful pink color.

INDUSTRIAL METAL: The protagonist arrives wearing
greasy overcoat, makes obscene gestures towards the
dragon, and gets escorted out of fairy tale land by
security guards.

CHRISTIAN METAL: The protagonist rides in on his way
home from church and sings a mushy power ballad to the
dragon about how much Jesus loves him and that the
dragon should turn to Him. The Dragon is immediately
converted, and when the princess wants to “thank” the
protagonist he replies, “sorry, but I don’t believe in
having sex before marriage.”

TECH METAL: The protagonist plays a whole tone riff
switching between 11/16 and 23/16 with his left hand,
while he taps a descending chromatic pattern with his
right hand. The dragon suffers a massive brain aneurysm
and dies, and the princess runs off to music school so
she can understand what the protagonist was playing.