Here I am then, disconnected from the internet after moving to my own room. I’m now writing from what must be one of the worst internet cafe I’ve ever been into. I won’t go into much detail because it is depressing. Let me just say that I have to use Internet Exploder, the computers are chock ful of virii and they don’t even know the speed of their internet connection. At least I’m not using Windows ME.

I’m in my own apartment now, in Peckham, and it’s pretty nice. Leaving alone definitely has its charm. I’ve already met my flatmate’s and they seem decent enough. Strangely enough, one is working in IT and the other is trying to work in IT…

Work has been killing me for the last few days, just yesterday I finished a 11 hour shift (and 13 hours at the pub) because I volunteered to help when the pub became swamped after my morning shift ended. Truth is that I was tempted to get the hell outa dodge when I saw the number of people arriving but my good side got the best of me once more. The problem, of course, was that I was working until 11:30pm the last night and I was scheduled to work 10:30am the next day. What this meant was a 48 hour period with only 16 hours of true rest (when taking out the transportation). Sweet.
Fortunately, they agreed to change my shift for the evening one today, so I got some much needed R&R.

I used that time to go to the Morisson’s Supermarket and stock up on food. I had 30 pounds to pass the month, now I have 15 but at least I (probably) won’t need to buy any more food. I still need to find money for a monitor and a broadband connection though and I’m not getting paid until the 28th.

A few other thing have happened but it seems that my time to go to work has arrived. More l8t3r.