I don’t know why, but many times until now, when I talk about a person to someone, I tend to give some description that in hindsight was not needed.

For example, if something happens to me on the road, involving a black skinned person, when I will talk about it, I will feel the tendency to bring in the fact that he or she, was black. Same thing will happen if they are Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, or whatever.

Lately, I have actively began to suppress that feeling because I do not feel that it is important, for example, to bring into the conversation the skin of my house agent.
Why I have this tendency, I don’t know. Maybe it is because in Greece there are very few non-white skinned people and any difference tends come up in a conversation. Maybe I’m just not used to the idea of so many races living together. I hope to learn to not give any notice to the fact that people skins differs from mine and use that as some kind of noteworthy event.

Strangely enough, same thing happened when I was talking about some of my friends that were anarchist or communist. I just could not avoid bringing up the fact that they belonged to those political beliefs when I talked about them. Maybe I was looking for a conversation hook. I honestly do not know.

Obviously, same thing does not happen when the target is a more common sample of the population. I would never consider noteworthy the fact that someone was a Christian or white.

I wonder how many other people have the same reaction.

Say, you were robbed by someone. Would you bring in the fact that he was black. Would you do the same if he was white?