I hate it when I'm wrong

I just found out that I was horribly wrong on my interpretation of an error in a cellphone. Recently a friend of mine has been complaining that her cellphone had a caribe virus. I didn’t believe her. Needless to say that I had to offer an apology today after I searched the web and found this. Oh well, that should get me off my high horse. At least I found a way to remove it which should make her happy 🙂

Recent days have been a bit tumulus, I met this girl, we became friends and we have developed a good bond I think. I also found that my sister broke up and her ex that is also a personal friend of mine is really pissed. It seems I’m stuck right in the middle which is not somewhere I like to be.

I also started dealing in blogshares but I’ve already started to get bored with it. There’s only so much small industries you can buy and sell and the transaction limit is very low to get a good profit going. However I won’t spend 15$ for something I will get bored within 1 week.

I got a free Evanescence DVD from my boss, Anywhere But Home. It’s pretty good quality but I already had most of the music videos (other than the promo one). Best thing of course was Amy Lee. However that DVD motivated me to start downloading music videos again, Cthulhu bless mldonkey.
Speaking of which, mldonkey does work perfectly but I still have some gripes on the overall speed of the donkey network. I never seem to be able to get more than 16kb/s download at a time even when I’m downloading 30 stuff at the time. Good Torrents easily reach 40kb/s within a few minutes and stay there.
It also seems that it is not easy to find stuff in other networks like Gnutella2 and DC. Although I connect there, I rarely find anything there on my searches.
I also seems that The RIAA is getting into Europe in force, already there have been movements against British and German d/lers. I hope it takes them a good long while to get here.