This is really stupid! I just can’t believe how stupid women can be at times!
So I’ve been going out with this girl for the last week ALL THE FUCKING TIME and we have a good time ALL THE FUCKING TIME but when I try to kiss her she pulls away. She is not ready for a relationship – she says. She thinks that she will treat me badly – she says. Never mind the fact that we could be fucking married with all the time we’ve been spending together…

This is really, really sad. Why can’t a nice guy get the good girl he wants? Why do they prefer the jerk-kind of man and fall for them and stay with them for many damn years while I can’t hold a relationship for more than a couple of months? The fact that they seem to always break up because they “Have personal/psychological problems” or because they think that “I’m too fucking nice” for them (emphasis mine) is just icing on the cake!
I guess the only solution is to become a jerk myself. Yeah, that’s it, act like a nice guy on stupid chicks to get them to open their legs and then ignore them until they go away. Shouldn’t be too hard to do…only I won’t do it.
It may be the easy (sex) way but I just won’t lower my standards. (I’d like to see me say that a couple of years from now on the same situation…)

However this situation still pisses me off. If I can’t do anything with a girl that I know likes me, where do I stand? Am I too nice for my own good? I have a feeling that no matter what Diane says the dude is right…

Yesterday I was talking with a good friend of mine and he told me this little wisdom:

You must not be too perfect for a woman. If you do that you just let them walk all over you, and you can never hold out long enough. What you must do is make them happy with less. If you give them everything at the start they’ll start asking for even more later but if you give them just a few they’ll be happy when you do act normally, even for a little while.

(free quote, not his exact words)
I am not convinced that he is right yet, but if I don’t find someone to prove him wrong there is no other option…

There are no other news because the only thing I’ve been doing is hanging out with my new friend…buzz off!