Interesting bites

So I was at the lunch break with some of the other Greeks at work and I had ordered the chiken with rice (or as we greeks joked: Πούστη με Κινέζο). All was going well until at some unexpected moment an ambush herb (or somesuch) got in my mouth. The only thing I realised was a very salty taste kind-of “explode” in my mouth but I did not think much about it. I swallowed.

Three minutes later I started feeling a a reaction in my stomach. It started getting worse by the second so I decided to visit the toiled. I ended up springing towards it as I started heaving before I took three steps. Inside I pretty much puked my guts out (almost choking in the process) while the other worried Greeks were calling security and an ambulance.  I stopped throwing up as blood started coming out.

I was taken in the back to relax and I informed the team leader on what happened. He excused me the rest of the day while the medics arrived and started making tests. In the end they decided to check me in the hospital to take some blood and do some tests just in case.

In the end, I ended staying in the hospital for 3 very boring hours. I was checked out at around 4 pm at which point I visited the bank to take my stuff and go home. I decided to skip german lessons for today 🙁

Meh. At least it wasn’t as bad as the last time when I ate fish with feta cheese and as a dessert, strawberries with creme…oh how fun that was :S