Pluginess Updateness Goodness

So I’ve decided to go and update all my plugins now that WP2.3 is good enough to inform me that they have newer versions. All in all I updates Akismet, Popularity Contest, Wordbook, WordPress Database Backup, wp-cache and WPG2. Some of them didn’t make much of a difference but a few had notable improvements.

Popularity Contest actually now works with WP2.3 and it also seems to cooperate nicely with wp-cache as well, something that in the previous version required a modified version. Unfortunately for some reason my most popular posts per category still do not seem to work so I’ll need to investigate this eventually.

WPG2 seems to have achieved v3 while I was not looking and fortunately it seems to be working much better now. As part of the installation process it created a new page called WPG2 which surprised me and my old “Gallery” page stopped working. Fortunately that could easily be fixed by deleting the old one and changing the name of the new one. It still probably needs more configuration but I’ll get to that eventually.

I was thinking of upgrading to the hacked version of UTW but it seems to require double tag posting so for now I think I’ll wait a bit yet. Perhaps I could use the importing function of WP but the idea scares me a bit. If it isn’t updated soon, I may just switch to other things to see if it works. So FYI, tags are still off

Now if only I can figure out why the scrolling in the ACP site in FF in Linux is so slow…

and if it wasn’t so damn cold as well…