JobSearch Statistics

Time I’ve been in London: Approximately 5 Months

Number of Job search sites registered at: 12

CV versions: 4

Number of applications sent: A few hundred.

Number of times my CV has been looked at by agents: about 700

Number of agents called me to talk to me about a job opportunity: At least 30

Number of Interviews: 6 (9 including the second and thirds for the same company)
Number of job offers: 1

Location of New Job: Frankfurt, Germany (!)

Number of agents contacting me after looking at my CV: Less than 1 in 20

Job Description: 1st Line Support

Conclusion 1: Agents lie. A lot. When they tell call you for a job, being all excited and shit, 50% of the time, they won’t ever call you or email you back as they said they would.

Conclusion 2: Most of the time, when you send your CV to job vacancies advertised, it doesn’t even get looked at by anyone. Most of the times I called the Agency to confirm that they got and saw my CV, they never had.

Conclusion 3: Cover Letters don’t do jack shit. I used to send Custom Cover letter all the time when I started looking. Later I tended to copy-paste a bit more. In the end I didn’t even bother changing the default one. I had the most success when I used the Jobserve site, which incidentally does not have even have an option for a Cover Letter.

Conclusion 4: Don’t even bother to send CV to Google.

Final Outcome: I’m tired of searching…