[tag][/tag] once more has done something extremely cool with its newest version. It’s called the event system and it allows you to find local events (gigs/concerts whatever) that are similar to your music taste and see who else is going or register that you will be attending.

This is one of the coolest ways to meet new people. Arrange to meet up for a concert and maybe for a beer afterwards.

You can also search for events by any number of factors, like band, date or location.


The other interesting update is the flash radio. No longer must you download the player from anywhere you need to listen to music. That seriously helps in case you want to listen from a place where you don’t have admin rights or are just in a hurry.
It still needs work as it seems. I’ve been trying it all morning and I get a lot of disconnection errors and heavy buffering but I expect that will be fixed sooner or later. It’s probably because of the amount of people trying it out and putting a strain on the servers.

Other new & interesting stuff are the free downloads and the tast-o-meter, but events in my humble opinion is teh shit!