Make a tree of Intense Debate Converts

branching outI’m quite glad that since my initial appeal at the end of June, I’ve managed to make so many people switch. I’ve been tracking the number of converts and today I noticed that I have converted my 10th person. Congragulations ChickenGirl, you win awesome comments and a cookie! ((Thisamazinglimitedofferappliesonlyforalimitedtime,forresidentsofGermany,Hessen,Frankfurt,notveryfarfromthecentre

Update: No number 9 does not get a special mention.

I will of course continue the tracking but I’d like to ask that you join me. The way you can do that is to simply start tagging people who switched to Intense Debate Comments based on your input and once they do, tag the post they (usually) announce it or alternatively their first IDC powered post. You can tag it in any word but I suggest you use the one I’m already using: IDC_converted as it’s unlikely to be used randomly by anyone else.

Once you have your first tagged person, leave a comment here and give me the link to your delicious tag. I will then tag that with my own conversion tag which will allow anyone to follow the “tree branches”.

If anyone else wants to join in the fun, feel free. We can then compare trees 😉

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