Medieval Pics

I’m too lazy and demotivated to write anything interesting, so instead I’m going to post some pics from recent Medieval Market Excursions

Frankfurt Mittelalter markt

The medieval market of Frankfrut happened in Offenbach and it was quite crowded. I guess mostly because so many people could come without traveling far.

There were quite a few interesting items on sale but I especially liked these blobs on sale


And there was also some extreme cuteness

So cute!


This was the first medieval market I went in germany back more than one year ago. This time the market was much much bigger

I also had a chance to wear some new clothes and there were surprisingly many people in medieval attire as well.

There was also some great swordfighting to be seen and I managed to get some great action pics. I find the last one especially cool.

I also tried to take some artistic photos

And finally, I got to see Schelmish in all their glory again. It was a very short gig however 🙁 Nevertheless, you too can enjoy some pure medieval music now.


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