Medieval Pics

I’m too lazy and demotivated to write anything interesting, so instead I’m going to post some pics from recent Medieval Market Excursions

Frankfurt Mittelalter markt

The medieval market of Frankfrut happened in Offenbach and it was quite crowded. I guess mostly because so many people could come without traveling far.

There were quite a few interesting items on sale but I especially liked these blobs on sale


And there was also some extreme cuteness

So cute!


This was the first medieval market I went in germany back more than one year ago. This time the market was much much bigger

I also had a chance to wear some new clothes and there were surprisingly many people in medieval attire as well.

There was also some great swordfighting to be seen and I managed to get some great action pics. I find the last one especially cool.

I also tried to take some artistic photos

And finally, I got to see Schelmish in all their glory again. It was a very short gig however 🙁 Nevertheless, you too can enjoy some pure medieval music now.


If you liked all these, you might like the rest of my medieval pics.

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For a total amateur, these are not half-bad.

…if i might say so myself.

So as I was returning from my german lessons and since I happened to carry with me my new camera to take pictures of coworkers) I decided to take a stop at the Alte Oper and test out my night-shot, low-shutter option,

I think the result is pretty decent but I’d love to hear your opinions.


I also decided to try out my hand at compiling a Panorama. Like the Real-Man(tm) that I am, I also decided to go for the hard stuff on the first try, so instead of combining 3-4 shots, I took a whole 360 view at a slow shutter speed…without a tripod (Unless you count my bicycle saddle).

The Result (after nearly killing my computer) is nice enough methinks.


Even though, judging from the individual photos, I did not assume that the end-result would be good. You see, not only were some of the pics quite blurry or a different lighting, but I also managed to take shots that left me very little common space between the pictures to work with.

Nevertheless, Hugin pulled through admirably (Free Software FTW!) and even though one corner had to be cropped, and the top has some blank spots (only because I did not want to crop even more) the colours actually match and you cannot really see any major glitches.

My next goal is to actually take the same pic with a tripod and patience 🙂

I just discovered my favorite drink…

…It’s called “Black Soul”. It’s 50/50 Black beer and strong mead (and I’m talking 15%-20% here).

I drunk 0.7l in 1 hour

I’m fucking drunk 😛

The barI don’t know any other place that makes it but the alde Germane is the place I discovered it. And let me tell you, that place rocks!

It’s a little german ” pub” (Don’t really know any other way to describe it) that’s been open since 1450. Yes, that’s the 15th century…And it hasn’t aged a day!

The WallIt’s full stone, no bricks, iron or wood (and I’m guessing fucking cold in the winter). It serves drinks in horns, iron or wooden mugs and chalices. The barman and bar woman are dressed in medieval clothing, leather skins are on the wooden benches/seats and generally, the whole feeling is medieval to the bone. Just the place a guy like me would love.

I went there because I was invited by a couple I met last Friday in the Rock Times, when I went to see Arthur. We started talking and when they discovered that I was a gamer, they invited me to join them there.
This was their first meeting, and they plan to meet there once per month and make the third tuesday of every month like a gathering fore medieval gamers (LARP, RPG etc)

The CrowdUnfortunately this time there were not a lot of gamers, but we did get to meet a couple that patronizes the place.So we had someone to talk since no other gamers showed up. No worries though since the place is worth it. The staff is great, the music is great (I went in when they were playing Loreena McKenitt and left while they were playing In Extremo) and the drink is really great!

I stayed there for about 2 hours and I met some great people. All that’s left is to do is just convince Arnoc to join me for the next visit 😉

Και γαμώ τους καιρούς

Ημερομηνία: 26 Ιούλιου
Θερμοκρασία στις 12μμ: 15 βαθμοί (Το πρωί μπορεί να ήταν και 10)
Καιρός: Βροχή και συνεφιά

    Ότι να’ναι καλοκαίρι δηλαδη. Ένα και ένα για μπανάκι…

    Και να φανταστείς οτι ο Απρίλιος ήταν ζεστός όλο το μήνα ενω δεν αγόραζα ποδήλατο γιατι περίμενα το καλοκαίρι…


    It greatly annoys me that Night Clubs around here won’t allow me to take my Glow Staff with me. It’s just a frigging Glow Staff, what is the problem with it? I’m not going to kill anyone with it, just dance. It’s also light and not suitable for assault (as it would sooner break than hit hard)

    Now, the Final Destination doorman allowed me in with it, the last time I was there but I believe it was mostly because he’s learning to play it as well and he recognises me as a regular. Even then, he told me not to dance with it, even if the stage was empty. What the hell? I’m not going to tear the stage down with a glostaff!

    It’s amazingly stupid. In London they would allow even metallic staffs inside but not here. Paranoia.

    Yesterday I went to U60 where some friends had gathered after Speak Easy. By amazing luck, I decided to take a taxi which brought me to the place as they were getting some cool air. As luck would have it, one of them had reserved a guest list pass for a male friend of his that didn’t come so the option was still open. He let me take it and I ended up saving at least 8€ or 14€ (Damn those places always seem to charge amazingly high). Nice enough place but with such repetitive music I could only truly enjoy it with the staff. I went ouside and asked the doorman

    “Hey, can I ask you something. I’m thinking of bringing a glow staff next time, is that allowed?”
    “What’s that?”

    I point to the blue led he has running on the back

    “Oh, a stick for light?”
    “Yes, but it’s about *this* big”
    “Sorry, not allowed.”
    “But it’s just for dancing, why?”
    “It’s just not allowed!”

    Now, I don’t think there’s an actual rule. “No big sticks allowed” because I do not think there are many people bringing those around. It must be a case of preemptive cancellation. You know, when they stop you doing something because they’re not familiar with it.

    In this case, it just stops me from going to the place again since the only reason to do so would be to use the staff. Although there were many beautiful girls around, the music just doesn’t cut it for long exposure.

    Very annoying.