Meeting old friends

So yesterday I went out at the afternoon by myself because no one I called could. After a last minute call I found out that my gaming friends had gathered at a local cafeteria to playtest Warlord. Well, seeing as I had too long to see them, I went and payed them a visit.
Unsurprisingly they have stayed the same in character and kept playing Warlord as I sat there, it didn’t occur to them to stop for a while and chat with me, seeing as they haven’t seen me in quite while. Only when another member of the group arrived did I have a chance to chat for a while, asking about their news and so on. Finally I grew bored and as the third member sat down to play, I took my leave and took a walk to find some other company.

In the road I happened upon a guy I vaguely remembered his face and he seemed to remember me, he was sitting with a girl and after some chatting we decided to go for coffee at my sister’s workplace. She wasn’t there and we went to the upper floor anyway where I bumped into an ex and her party of male friends, like a young queen bee among her slaves. In any case, we merged our two companies, seeing as the one I was with knew them as well, and we sat at an inner table. Initially the discussion was very light hearted but grew more serious as time progressed. Most interesting of all was that I got to chatting with one of the guys in my ex’s company and we stuck, very funny guy. He reminded me of myself at about 4 years ago, yearning for a woman company but very inexperienced. Oh and he was obviously hitting on my ex, but I didn’t mind. She is going to eat him and spit him out so fast you won’t even notice anyway.

After the cafeteria we were supposed to go to a boat bar but two of the party decided to bail out as soon as we left and as were nearing the boat another member decided to bail. In the end we, or rather my ex, decided we should go for a walk. I didn’t wanna of course but the other two, the one hitting on my ex and the funny cripple dude, did her favor and so we got to walking. While on the road, it occurred to me that both of them were very inexperienced when women are concerned. Here’s a little snippet the cripple dude threw:

Cripple – “Let me ask you something, would you ever, just for fun, say to a very nice female friend of yours to take a bath together?”
Me – “No, it would show that I wasn’t only interested in friendship from her”
Cr – “But what if your were really close-like, and you were only joking”
Me – “Dude, let it go, there is no joking about this. You may say you’re joking but what you’re really hoping is for a very serious yes from her and she will know it the instant you say it.”

At this point my ex decided to interject and try to show them the error of their ways but making fun of him and the other guy that leaped to defense, in the end the subject was dropped.

At some point I got tired of walking and I asked them to head back, my ex told us then that we came this far so that she could take a taxi closer to home, I teased her that she used us and for some reason, she decided to take offense at this. Well, I’m sick of taking this kind of shit so I let her get all huffed up and angry while the other dudes were trying to calm down. I was snickering on the inside at the absurdity of it all. I knew she wasn’t really pissed but rather wanted to see my reaction (or maybe everyone’s reaction) and I gave her the exact opposite of what she expected/wanted of me. Of course as expected, in the end she folded and became friendly again and we took her to take a cab.

I walked with the other guys for a while where I surmised that the guy hitting on my ex should be watched out a bit more. He seems to have a tendency for backstabbing, but that will show. He may just be bitter. We left him to take a cab as well and we continued with the funny cripple dude towards home.

After that I went to the X Club where there was a disco-night and I didn’t enjoy it very much. I was feeling a bit lonely all the time and things only brightened up near the end.

eh, a meh day…