Time to relax or get bored?

Well, my [tag]vacation[/tag] time is finally here and damn if I know what to do with it. I’ve got two full weeks and I really want to get on some kind of vacation but seeing as all my friends are either working, already on vacation or avoiding me, I think that in the end I’ll be left here to rot. The only bright thing in the future is a friend of mine that has volunteered to take me with her on vacation with another friend of hers and another friend of mine that may go to Chalkidiki and may take me with him.
Bah! Couldn’t be vaguer.

It’s my fault in the end I think, I never found friends that were doing this thing and now that I’m looking, it’s too late. I haven’t even managed to find company to go to the beach with, and lets not get on the subject of “friends” that forget you so easily after 6 years. Yes I’m bitter.

In the meantime I’ve been spending my time working on Wikipedia. It’s a noble cause and at least I feel that my time is wasted on something worthy, instead of, for example, games. Currently I’ve been working on Savatage and before that on Blind Guardian, mainly filling in albums or album information. Took me a while but I got them where I like them, now I’m thinking what to move on to next. And to think that all this was inspired by Kiwilyrics ever since I’ve started putting artist links to wikipedia on its pages.

Other than that, boring stuff, I’ve been desperately trying to find some new friends to go out with, and one I did have has gone to the army. It’s sad not to have someone to call isn’t it?