My very own pics

I finally got a new mobile phone, by getting a contract of 100 free mins per month and some extra features (coming to about 35€ per month, for 2 years). The phone itself is pretty slick-looking but what I enjoy is that I finally can start getting some pictures at a semi-decent quality of 2 Megapixels.

So, here’s the big € sign outside of the ECB. This thing is BIG.

Euro Sign

And since we’re near. Here’s me at the workplace. All suited up, tie and everything. I’m still trying to preserve some of my rock integrity. When you see me wearing pink shirts, feel welcome to disembowel me with a dull spoon.



Anyway, moving right along, we have pics from Frankfurts Christmas fair. I have to say, these people take their holydays quite enthusiasticaly.

Christmas WheelRomer @ ChristmasCarousel

The first one is a small wheel in the entrance of the Zeil, which is like a big pedestrian street with shops in the centre of Frankfurt. The second and third where in Romer, which is like a district in a classical style (You can see the old style buildings in the background). The last one especially is a Carousel that I found quite interesting for a photo.
Too many light and glüwine (Hot, red, christmas wine).

Oh, and lastly, here’s a pic I took one night in my room when I was bored. The lighting came out pretty cool I believe Night Shot.jpg