Oh look, once again science confirms Anarchism

As Anthropologists study emergent human behaviour, they discover what Anarchists have been saying for the last 100 years.

Who would have thunk it eh? Once again, actual empirical research points out that humans are primarily co-operative rather than competitive and the hard primitivism assumptions of Hobbes (and favourite excuse of Clergy and Statists for their authority)  get even less realistic.

Ah, if only we had a society that was organized with such knowledge in mind rather than the harmful assumption that humans need to be protected from each other. If only…

4 thoughts on “Oh look, once again science confirms Anarchism”

  1. Google couldn't provide the answer, so perhaps you know: what sort of protection for minorities is offered by anarchism (such as general refusal to hire gays, that sort of thing)?

    1. In Anarchy we have a position of equality, so there' no such concept as "hiring gays" which implies a capitalist mode of production. Rather you may talk about people avoiding contact with people they do not like, such as a commune ostracizing gays and whatnot. This is an unrealistic scenario however as the process of bringing us in a state of anarchy will have by necessity made such sentiments quite unpopular. The reason for this is because such sentiments display a conception of domination, of superiority over gays, blacks, women etc. This is absolutely incompatible with an egalitarian society however. As such, as part of the struggle to achieve this egalitarian society in the first place, such dominative sentiments will have had to be rooted out.

      You can even see it currently from seeing how Anarchist are in general one of the most sexually and racially egalitarian political groups. It's no surprise that Antifa (Anti-fascist) orgs are primarily anarchist.

      Now to your question, if for some reason a group of racists gathered about in a stateless society and made their own little racist haven, then word of their bigotry would quickly spread among the necessarily more tolerant anarchists who would then proceed to shun and cut all contact with them, in effect putting a severe form of peer pressure on them and thus forcing them to dissolve or live a very subsistence existence. If that is not efficient enough, then those people prevented from participating in the racist/sexist/homophobic community would gladly be supported and taken into by the multitude of other collectives.

  2. None, since in a stateless society, you wouldn't be able to force anyone to do something they don't want. i.e., you don't like gays, you don't have to hire them. No big deal. Even if it's hate mongering, it isn't physical force or the threat of.

    1. Not really. In a stateless society you can still you use peer pressure and other forms of coercion to prevent acts of domination or attempted domination, which is what racism and sexism are. So in a market economy, I can certainly force a racist co-op (there will be no "hiring" as we're talking about anarchy, not Capitalism) or commune to change their ways by cutting contact and starving them of resources until they change they bigoted ways.

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