Yesterday I went looking for a new power cable because the did not ship one with the monitor I bought from ebay citing “safety reasons”. Now what kind of safety reasons do they have for now shipping power cables when every other company out there does so…I do not know. I guess it’s for the safety of their pocket or something.

Anyway, I went looking for a new power cable and having had to buy one before, I was prepared to pay about 5 pounds for a new one, however I was not prepared for the 10 pound overkill I found on PC World.

Let me say that again: 10 – friggin’ – pounds … for a power cable. Needless to say, I did not buy it. I visited a few other shops looking for one where I found the same price again. Fortunately, a one-man computer repair shop I found, sold one for 3 pounds.

I then asked him if he had any screws he could give me:

‘So, what do you want it for’
‘I lost one and I need to screw something’
‘Which ones you need?’
‘The HDD ones’
‘How many’
‘Hmm, gimme two’
‘Alright, that will be one pound’
‘You’re going to sell them? You’re going to charge me 1 pound for 2 screws?’
‘… keep them’

50p for a screw, 50p for a printout…some people just need a good whack on the head I think.