Where's the interviews?

You know, I’m very curious as to what is happening. Ever since I came to London, instead of getting more [tag]interview[/tag] offers as I was expecting, I get less. I went to one interview when I first came here (literally the next day) which was also partly luck, but other than that…nothing.

I get the occasional phone call from an agent trying to promote me to a company, but after than that, silence or failure.

Now, I know that with 4 years under my belt, I’m not extremely experienced but I think I’ve done quite a few interesting things to warrant at least an interview. It’s not that I’m applying for Senior positions or something, but when I’m being turned down from even desktop support positions because the other candidates had, quote: more suitable skills and experience – I’m starting to think that something else is wrong here.

I mean, Sega, was interested enough to call me for a second interview as regarding a £30k position, and right now I can’t even get into interviews for jobs with way less requirements than that. Not only that, but while I was in Greece I got more interview offers (which I couldn’t accept unfortunately, since I was out of travel money) than now, where I can go the next day.

So, I just don’t get it. Is it my CV? Is it this website? My Nationality? What?

And you dear reader, if you happen to be a Hiring Manager checking out this website and about to turn me down, I would appreciate if you told me why.

Other comments and suggestions of course welcome, especially from other people working in the UK.

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  1. I left my home country, my friends and my girlfriend in order to find a good job. I think that alone speaks of the conviction I have to find it.

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