Oxymoronic Absurdities

One week to go for the the next CotG and I thought I’d remind you that we have a theme and the theme is: Impossibilities.

At the moment I have received 14 submissions which tells me that by the end of the week I may have quite a few of them. A few of them can even fit the theme but only unfortunately one was explicitly crafted for this carnival.

Come on people, we’re talking about religion here. There’s certainly enough ideas to go around. Haven’t you had enough about Politics? I know I’m sick and tired of reading about Palin in the Atheosphere. Yes she’s an incompetent Cretinist. We get i already.

But I digress.

So this post is basically a reminder for the theme of the 102nd CotG. Lets see how it turns out.

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One thought on “Oxymoronic Absurdities”

  1. keep your tights on DB0, I'm working on it, trying not to plagiarize a million others who have demonstrated the absurdity of the bible

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