Seriously U.S. Americans, What the Flying Fuck?!

How much will it take for you wankers to wake up?

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In the last few days I’ve been absolutely stunned to learn of the current insidious events going on in the USA. While the spotlight is grabbed by the huge financial disaster caused by the known shortfailings of Capitalism and greed, the US Government is slowly putting the pawns into position to initiate martial law and eventually a police state.

And what is the reaction in mainstream blogs and news sites? Basically nothing. Everyone is just pointing and laughing at Palin bumbling around or gnashing the teeth and pointing fingers for the bailout or simply doing business as usual.

And in the meantime you’re got the Army deplying in US grounds to “quell civil unrest and unruly individuals”.

You’ve got your own US Army. In your own country. Answering only to your “Decider”. Getting ready to Quell you!

You should be marching in the streets right gawddamn now and asking for Bush’s head on a plate. Where’s your anger? Where’s your freedom spirit? Where’s your outrage?!

You have none. You keep on going as if the world is not crumbling slowly around your ears. People don’t even care to ask “Why is the army in our borders? What Civil unrest are they talking about? Is there something that our police force cannot handle?” No. You just accept that they must know what they’re talking about. There must be some unrest where you need the army. You know which? The unrest that’s going to happen when the final piece of their dictatorship falls into place.

But it’s too fucking late for you now. If you people are still so asleep that even after you have standing army taking up positions you still don’t act, it is with great sadness that I conclude there is no hope.

If you’re one of the few who are worried, or more appropriately, scared shitless about what is going on and you can’t mobilize everyone to go on the street, then get the hell outa dodge. You can come to Europe and at least help us fight the creeping islamization.

One thing you must know. Nothing is going to happen when you rant and rave on reddit, alternet or any other site. They want you to do that because then you’re not doing anything else. Unless you take very immediate and drastic action to chimpeach then you won’t have the chance to peacefully avoid this. If they don’t cancel the elections while declaring martial law because of a “National Emergency”, they will steal the elections for McSame. They’ve done it before so they know if works because, hey, you just let it pass then anyway…

So, Dear U.S. Americans, you have now you last chance to put your freedom where your mouth is. I don’t think you will but I sure as hell hope you prove me wrong, for your own good.

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3 thoughts on “Seriously U.S. Americans, What the Flying Fuck?!”

  1. Most U.S. Americans don't know about it or believe it. I pointed the situation out to my mother-in-law last night, and she accused me of spending too much time reading junk on the 'net. Most people I know are so wound up about the financial situation that they aren't paying attention to anything else. People are worried that the money they have in the bank is not safe; that their job may be eliminated because their employer can't make payroll; that whatever money they've carefully invested toward their retirement has vanished; that they, too, might be unable to pay the mortgage and find themselves on the street while the bank forecloses on their home; that they may be unable to pay their utility bills to keep the refrigerator and the lights and the heat going this winter. Given the time limits on welfare and the paltry sums both it and our so-called "social security" grudgingly pays, we have a lot of people in danger of falling into a financial "safety net" made of embroidery thread.

    If a soldier kills you, at least you won't be hungry, cold, or homeless.

    I myself am not in any immediate financial danger, but I do worry about my fellow citizens who live on the edge. Isn't it amazing that such a rich country, supposedly a democracy, does so poorly by its people?

  2. But that's part of the problem. I do very much understand the financial problems most people have and I also know from history how easy it is for a demagogue to use this frustration and fear to make a dictatorship come true. Most people do not remember that shortly before Hitler came to power Germany was in a severe depression and his party promised to help them recover.

    Because people were not paying attention to anything else than economic policies, they ended up with Nazism.

  3. I wrote about it not so long ago. IMHO, most Americans wouldn't care even if they did know about it as we have a long standing policy of "boot to the face of anyone who isn't **me**". "Me" is going to have to look down the barrel of a M16 before "me" decides it's a bad thing to have soldiers policing the streets.

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