Privilege…so thick…can't breathe…

Oh Privilege Denying Dude, you so funny!

Just look at this goddamn shit of a thread. The whole thing just reeks of unchecked privilege and rampart douchebaggery. I think this PDD I just cooked up summarizes it nicely.

Picture: Background: 8 piece pie style color split with red and teal alternating. Foreground: White guy with glasses and light shadow wearing a sweat shirt over a button down and short black hair. Has a smug, arrogant facial expression and crossed arms. Top text: “Using "tranny" as an insult doesn't mean that you're "transphobic"” Bottom text: “I don't hate them. I just don't care about their feelings”

Even a large number of transgendered people pointing out how wrong and hurtful he is to transgendered people was not enough to make this PDD rethink his perspective.

I think this brilliant post explains things best (h/t FuchsiaGauge)