Everything is subjective, therefore sexism in gaming does not exist.

Philosoraptor asks: If all is subjective, how can you think I’m still a privileged douche?

A young adult male holding a smug position on a background alternating between red and blue.Title and PDD inspired by this discussion (Full thread starts here)on a subject which I’ve already addressed. This is not a direct quote but rather a personal summary of the argument being put forth by an S2 employee. The argument being of course that one cannot label S2 games sexist according to how females are depicted in their games, because what is sexually suggestive or appealing to males is completely suggestive and thus, where I see a clear sexist trend, most others don’t.

So since what is suggestive or not is a matter of opinion, nobody can measure up how much males and females differ in their presentation within a game or gaming culture as a whole and thus, nobody can rightfully point out a sexist trend.

AKA: Logic! It proves sexism does not exist in gaming, bitches!

Also see: You’re arguing with opinions, not fact.

PS: Naturally my comments in reddit got downvoted to kingdom come. Par for the course.

Privilege Denying Dude is down once more

Fuck Yeah, Privilege Denying Dude, is down 🙁

It seems like the PDD is generating quite an amount of hate, enough to be pulled from Tumblr not once, but twice. Or at least this is what I assume is the reason behind the second incarnation of PDD being at status “Not Found” at the moment.

I’m going to give Tumblr the benefit of doubt here and not immediately jump on the accusation bandwagon, although given their previous willingness to hastily accept a half-arsed copyright claim, I don’t hold much hope. I only hope that if the site was indeed taken down by tumblr, the next PDD site learns from all this use something they can control more.

Privilege…so thick…can't breathe…

Oh Privilege Denying Dude, you so funny!

Just look at this goddamn shit of a thread. The whole thing just reeks of unchecked privilege and rampart douchebaggery. I think this PDD I just cooked up summarizes it nicely.

Picture: Background: 8 piece pie style color split with red and teal alternating. Foreground: White guy with glasses and light shadow wearing a sweat shirt over a button down and short black hair. Has a smug, arrogant facial expression and crossed arms. Top text: “Using "tranny" as an insult doesn't mean that you're "transphobic"” Bottom text: “I don't hate them. I just don't care about their feelings”

Even a large number of transgendered people pointing out how wrong and hurtful he is to transgendered people was not enough to make this PDD rethink his perspective.

I think this brilliant post explains things best (h/t FuchsiaGauge)

A treasure trove of Privilege Denying Dudes

Concentrated privilege denial. It burnssss

Holy shit, I think I’ve hit the motherlode!

Here’s some necessary background.

Of course, one doesn’t expect much from a community of primarily male teenagers with serious behaviour issues but almost every other post seems to be a PDD waiting to happen. I couldn’t resist making a few and posting them to the privielege denying dude website. And these are just from this 1 post!  I could easily cook up another or two from it as well.

You can see the second one below (click for large image)

Now go forth and mine this thread for glorious PDDs!