Quote of the day: “Are we the baddies?”

As the nonsense plods on with more and more geek idols speaking out against it, some of the people still delusively supporting it are starting to have increasing cognitive dissonance ((not sure if this applies perfectly here but whatever)):

I’ve been recommending them to my friends for years. I really expected more from them, but it’s just another hero to add to the list. Movie bob, adam sessler, Jim sterling, Tim Schafer, joss whedon, and now extra credits, basically all of my nerd heroes hate me now.

Yes, it’s quite surprising isn’t it? Could it be time for some heavy introspection maybe? Naaaah…

One thought on “Quote of the day: “Are we the baddies?””

  1. That’s one theory. The other would be that it’s sad to see icons’ vice. In this case cognitive dissonance would actually push people to make up stories where this hero is somehow on the other position, or misguided, or … changed places with a twin – like with Elvis getting fat and dull – while some fans couldn’t believe it.

    BTW I like to dance to music of people I find contemptible and frequently to songs which have lyrics I’d strongly disagree with. I haven’t had any problem with that, but there are many that have to have everybody around them on the same wave. They’ll drop a 5 season show after hearing that writer is personally a bigot as they just can’t stand this form of association with a person they don’t agree with. This here could be a milder case – a discomfort of the same type. You’ve got some celebs, you liked them for a long time, now you hear they hate gays. Would you recommend following them into what your inquiry revealed as wrong side? There are many unpopular truths out there, it’s not the popularity (even with childhood heroes) that counts, but merit.

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