Quote of the Day: Definition of Sexism

Why one cannot be sexist against men.

Quoth Genderbitch

In the sociological standpoint, any ism is power + privilege + bigotry.So sexism is power (man supremacy) + privilege (man privilege) + bigotry (stereotypes about gender). So one can not be sexist against men in any of the contexts that I have ever used that word or anyone else in the egalitarian discourse has used that word. So I didn’t direct sexism at men. I can’t. It’s simply not possible in a world where men have the social power. So you’re wrong. Plainly, simply, wrong.

Succintly said.


4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Definition of Sexism”

  1. Any time a man has something done to him that he doesn't want done, and it's done just because he's a man, he very clearly is not the one with the power.

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