Quote of the Day: The "Free Market" Recipe

Kevin Carson adequately explains how the “free market” of vulgar-libertarians really works.

Quoth Kevin Carson

The time-honored “free market” recipe, among the ruling classes, goes like this: 1) rob the producing classes of their traditional property rights in the land, and turn them into tenants at-will of the plutocracy; 2) through coercive controls on the population, like the Combination Laws and Law of Settlement, make it impossible for the producing classes to bargain effectively in the wage market; 3) when the process is complete, talk a lot about how great the free market works, and justify the existing concentration of capital ownership as a result of the superior efficiency of those who came out on top.

So yeah, I’ve been reading his vulgar-libertarianism watch series which is excellent as a general rule, but I just couldn’t avoid quoting this particular part.

Go and read the rest of the pwnage.

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2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: The "Free Market" Recipe”

  1. Kevin Carson and Robert Anton Wilson are probably the two people most responsible for me starting to see anarchism as the way forward. Especially the vulgar libertarianism watch stuff.

    That reminds me, I've been meaning to revisit a post you did or somebody else did critiquing his Mutualist Political Economy book from a libertarian socialist POV… know where I can find that?

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