Quote of the Day: There's no good cops

Where oh where art the good cops?

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Hamakua skewers the classic police apologetics that “therey’re not all bad” in a very amusing way

Honestly? Fuck that. I am judging them all by the apathy of the many. I agree with the earlier post, and I believe every single fucking cop should stand up and strike every time one of these rare (yeah fucking right) bad apples “steps” out of line.

I have cop friends too, with cop families, and cop dinner tables, … with you know what? Fucking cop stories… I have heard them and I can observe the attitudes, of not just the cops, but the family, the friends, the other co workers…. It’s like a bunch of racists… except remove “race” and replace it with “us” and “them”. Meaning cops and non-cops.

Don’t give me any crap about how you have cop friends. You aren’t fooling anyone singing their defense or their praise. They should be held to a higher standard, and in fact are held to a much lower one… and you make excuses for the good ones? There are no good ones, there are apathetic ones and bad ones.

Forgive the rant, but I hate apologists.

And fucking don’t forget, they weren’t drafted, or forced to become cops, they CHOSE to become cops… it’s not like a color of skin, or ethnic background, it’s a fucking power grab.

That’s exactly it people. If there are good cops out there, they fail to publicly display it. They fail to condemn the action of their colleagues. They fail to stand up to abuse being dished out in front of them. How many times have you seen a video of one police officer getting putting his body between a police officer and his hapless victim, even forcing them away if needed? How many times have you seen a suspect being released from a questionable arrest due to the actions of another officer? How many strikes and marches by police officers have you seen against police corruption?

Perhaps such incidents exist, but they are not simply the minority, but such an overwhelmed minority that they might as well not exist. If police officers really showed that they were willing to fight on the side of the people, perhaps those people (who are not servile apologists of power) would fear them less and respect them more. And then, those few good cops, who have proven their goodness, might even be allowed in an anarchist cafe if they are sufficiently known.

But until then, it’s safe to assume that the cop you see in front of you, is as rotten as the rest of his peers. It’s not that good cops may not exist, it’s that the good ones don’t become cops, leave the force or stop being “good” eventually.

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