To Serve and Protect…

The largest and most brutal street gangs are those paid by your taxes.

Here’s something to challenge your paradigm in case you still believe the police are there to serve and protect you

Watch the second and third part as well (not to mention the whole thing). Especially the last story (starting at the end of part two and the whole of part 3)  is gut wrenching in the callous and inhumane behaviour of the police, not to mention how the state naturally protected its hired thugs from legal backlash.

And then you wonder why Anarchists feel threatened by police presence and want them nowhere near them.

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2 thoughts on “To Serve and Protect…”

  1. I just watched all 6 videos. Absolutely horrifying. Thanks for posting this. EVERYONE needs to see these!

  2. The Hope Steffey incident was beyond horrible to me, probably only the moreso since there was so much video.

    But this Fouad Kaady story… unfuckingbelievable. Unconscionable. The cops' own words in the videos should have convicted them a thousand times over of murder, as well as gross stupidity with malice aforethought.

    I could say more, but you'd have to delete the comment.

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