Randian courtesy

I start to realize what kind of behaviour Objectivists start to display when their positions are refuted. They ignore your arguments and then they stick labels (i.e. strawmen) at you which they can easily attack on generalizations (take note on how I’ve been branded a “moral subjectivist” which later serves as a suitable attack target). Hell, you might even get banned (on grounds of “low intellectual quality” or whatnot) which gives them and their troupe, ample space to proceed to the necessary slandering of your intelligence and arguments without the subject being able to respond at all. I’m willing to bet that my trackback from this post will be quite quickly removed from the comments so as to remove all antilogue from their intellectual inferior…

It is of course disheartening to see that Evanescent decided to join in the fun of badmouthing others where they cannot respond. Apparently my arguments have been soundly refuted and I’m in denial, even though others out there seem to not dissagree with me that much. Pity. I used to think that he was quite an intelligent and polite fella but his recent posts forces me to rethink my idea of him. :-/

I mean, Hell! Ergo is even prepared to take on the whole Atheosphere because our moral theories are in “utter dissaray”. Why? Well, because we don’t agree with him and can back it up with arguments of course. I’ll just leave this gem of intellectual elitism to speak for itself…

“Reading through some of their posts is like inflicting upon myself the cognitive equivalent of loud static noise.”


Well, at least now you know how an Objectivist of some stature among his peers, reacts to voices that don’t use their every breath praising him…

Meh. As for me, I do not mind how I’m branded by them. People who visit my site are free to read what I say and form their own opinion or me.
You’re free to argue with me all you want about any of my thoughts (just click on “Pondering Infinity” and pick one šŸ˜‰ ) and I will attempt to defend my position if I can or change my mind if I don’t. But for FSM’s sake, if you’re going to argue with me, don’t just ignore the arguments that you cannot respond to.

PS: This is also an invitation to those Objectivists who can’t stand me “bringing down the standard of decorum and intellectual quality” in their property . You’re welcome to debate here instead and avoid the aforementioned unpleasant effect of my presence in your comments. You may even bring up my level, and I don’t mind the intellectual pretensiousness at all…
But please don’t ask me to read the arguments in your pages when you’re trying to make a point, and then prevent me from debating them…that’s just unfair.

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  1. Iā€™m willing to bet that my trackback from this post will be quite quickly removed from the comments

    Yeap, it’s gone. TTD: 30 mins…

    It’s a good thing that he cannot delete from Google eh?

  2. How dare you sugguest that things may be more complicated that black and white simplicity! Whatever were you thinking?!? You must now be branded! Grrrr.

    And congradulations on being number 501. See, you’re the next step on the way to a thousand. That’s cooler than being 500, right? šŸ˜‰

  3. Hi db0

    You might be interested that I have resumed the comment thread that you were banned from at Leitmotif… Of course our moral approaches differ as we have been discussing on Alonzo’s blog, but you raised a very valid point on the flaw of Objectivist thinking with the Main alone on the Island argument and I will play there for a while!!

  4. Martino, you are absolutely wasting your time over there. But I believe you have already started realizing it.

    If they do not punt you to Objectivist books, they will restate their arguments as if you never refuted them.

    Failing that, they will distort your argument as if to look that it makes no sense. Just look at my falling tree analogy…

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