Representative Democracy works!

Once again we see the many ways why State Democracy can do nothing less than support Big Capital.

Civic Duty
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Back in 2005 Europe rejected patents in software. What can big business do when they cannot bribe and scare politicians to doing their bidding and act against the wishes of the populace at large? Circumvent them.

This is the standard workings of Representative State Democracy.

  • Does the state preserve and enrich Big Capital? Then leave it as it is.
  • Is democracy changing the role of the state to provide for the public instead? Lobby politicians via fear and lies (eg. war on terror/drugs/communism/immigrants) so that they will react in a way that will preserve and enrich Big Capital instead.
  • Is popular support for a particular direction (eg Socialist policies, anti-Patents etc) too strong to oppose via right-wing parties or sentiments? Finance those politicians belonging to that popular party who agree to preserve and enrich Big Capital.
  • Did a Big Capital hostile party and politicians nevertheless get into power? Use the state bureaucracy and other non-democratic apparati to delay change and get your will anyway (Note: This is what is happening in the article above)
  • Is bureaucracy and non-democratic apparati not strong enough to delay or prevent a change? Withdraw capital from the economy and outsource your business to more friendly countries. Manufacture Consent via the media to make it seem as if the issues created by this “starving” of the economy are the result of the new government policies. Use the discontent this creates to fund and promote a more Big Capital friendly party for the next elections.
  • Did this economic subversion have the opposite result of radicalizing the working class and giving more credence to radically anti-Big Capital government to proceed with more reforms? Conspire with the military leaders and attempt to setup a military coup.
  • Are the military leaders too loyal or did they fail in the coup attempt? Continue destabilizing the economy, fund the fascists and and hope for the best.
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