"Human Nature" my ass

What motivates people? It sure as hell ain’t money.

I really should start making a series about all the stuff that refute the common flawed preconceptions about “Human Nature” which are then used  by various parties to promote their own agendas. Such as the social democrats promoting a big nanny state or professional managers and the liberals promoting big business and the profit motive. Oh well…I think a bookmark group is enough for now

This latest vid explains something I’ve written about before but bears repeating. Humans are not driven by money or wealth.

Now, you have to ask, how come businesses still do not work with models that go along with what science has discovered of our psychology. Think about it and get back to me.

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6 thoughts on “"Human Nature" my ass”

  1. This is only odd or surprising to those who use the flawed idea of homo economicus.

    And the video is wrong about open source software. A large portion of the major projects are developed by paid developers. Something like 75% of Linux kernel developers are paid to do so. It doesn't negate the fact that many open source developers aren't paid… but some/many of the best and most complex are in fact developed commercially.

    1. Why is this every time brought as some kind of important argument? The Linux kernel did not start commercially and only started being funded when it has achieved some large degree of competency. I do not know what you mean by "major projects" but the most important parts of what we have on GNU/Linux, such as the GNU OS and most of the common apps like the DEs are not developed by paid developers. Finally, even those paid developers do not escape what the article is pointing out, that it's a superior method to pay those workers enough to forget abut money and then let them do what they want.

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