Just saw it and I must admit that I was seriously impressed. I honestly believe that this is one of the most important film for this year, to say the least. If it manages to improve things over at the other side of the Atlantic then that can only be for the best.

I especially liked the fact that Moore did not put so much personal opinion on the film (other than the dramatic music at key points) but rather let the facts speak for themselves. The way the it showed the top executives of health care companies fighting tooth and nail to stop a “socialistic” health care system and then immediately showing propagandistic clips against communism/socialism. How many of the people in the committee and the chief congressman that served pass a “better” bill for old people got new jobs in health care companies. All this little facts, they served better than any monologue Moore might have made to make the point.It was especially touching when the Americans received free medical care in “evil” Cuba. The way they could just not believe their ears and how they were reacting was brilliant. I do not know how set-up this whole thing was but, seriously, it didn’t seem fake.

After this plays in the U.S. I am pretty much convinced that Moore will be labeled as totally unpatriotic and a Communist – since this seems to be an lethal branding in that part of the world – by, of course, people with a vested interest in health care profits.

The only note I want to make, is that even the first world countries (Canada, UK and France) that he went to get examples of “communistic” health care systems were an appropriate way to compare to US, it bears to notice that they are pretty much the cream of the crop for human treatment. They would no be able to afford all that if they did not have some other nation to abuse.

All in all, this film perfect exemplified the major problem with Capitalism, especially in America. It marks the big difference between Positive and Negative Freedom. You mighthave the most liberal government in the world but it will not make an ounce of difference to be allowed to do something if you are no able to do it because you are, say, a lowly wage slave.

How much more until people wake up do something about things like that I honestly do not know? How can they suffer being played for such fools by their own government is beyond me.

UPDATE: I just discovered this webpage when reading the comments on a diggpost about how the healthcare and pharma companies are getting ready to attack Moore. It seems that Moore was treated to one of those hospitals for tourists that are pretty amazing. It’s a good thing to get the other opinion on this and try to find the answer that lies in the middle.

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  1. It’s a fantastic flick. I had no idea the Medicare system was so bad for you guys (USA). Hopefully something good will come from this movie.

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