Silenced cannons

There goes PirateShare then. I just learned about it from a forum where I had posed the link in times past. The information just notes that nobody helped the guy when he asked for it but it does not mention the reasons. I can only guess that someone decided to sue them or their bandwidth costs just went through the roof or something.

The site apparently closed down at the 20th of June and had posted a plea for help just 24 hours before that. I pretty much understand how nobody could respond as the site was not really popular yet for enough people to learn about it. Hell checking at Technocrati, there is not a single link to the site currently. Unfortunately with only 3 months live, the name did not get around much.

The nature of the site also meant the people would not visit the homepage as much. Most probably had a link and then gave that away when needed. The plea would only be seen by people wanting to upload something new. And there certainly should not have been a lot of them since I’ve never actually seen a pirateshare link around since the time I discovered the site. In this age, unfortunately, there are better solutions. For example I use my private ftp access to give files to friends for the bandwidth is just so much better. Others use IM or one of the other uploading (and more popular) sites out there.

In the end, it is a shame to see the site go, and I’d like to know what happened as it could really be another attack by the copyrights lobby, but overall the hit to our lives is not great. I guess those Polar Bears where not enough after all.