Slow learning

After three hours of German lessons at VHS they have finally taught us the following:

  • Ich heiße Konstantin
  • Ich komme aus Griechland
  • Ich wohne in Frankfurt

That’s it

No seriously.

There were a total of 18 people in the class, of pretty much every ethnicity. Unfortunately this slowed the learning to a crawl as the teacher would make every person repeat the phrases he was teaching, and then make us tell it to each other.

The funny thing is that the teacher did not actually teach English to German but rather a German-for-all style, even though most participants were english speakers. He communicated what he meant, and what he wanted us to do, with body language mostly. This might be all well and fine when teaching you to say “Wo wohnen Sie?” but how the hell is he going to explain the more difficult meanings or the strange words? I’ll guess I’ll find out soon enough.

5 thoughts on “Slow learning”

  1. Obviously you a slow learner, or unable to learn.

    Ich wohne IM Frankfurt, and not in.

  2. Yeah.. 18 people is quite a bunch to learn the language fast. Stick to the book of yours as well and we will do the rest, I suppose 😉

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