So, it turns out that Francois Tremblay is a shameless transphobe.

[trigger warning for transphobia]

The recent rants against trans-women made me raise an eyebrow about the sheer level irrationality displayed here, but then I folloeda link to a discussion and found out this quote

I don’t want your fucking sympathy, trans-lover.

What the actual fuck Francois? When did  you become a bigoted scumfuck?

Sorry, but this sentence, along with recent peppering of “bitch”, “retard” and “faggot” as slurs in your posts makes me think you’re a very confused individual. Let me make that very very clear to you: You can’t go using misogynistic, ableist or homophobic slurs and  then claim that you “do not impose harm”.

Your laughably misguided “antinatalist” tirades are one thing, but outright bigotry it quite another. Sorry to say but the left-libertarian forum was right to treat you like shit.

Work on your shit dude.

PS: If anyone wants to see the extent of Francois’ transbashing, start reading from this comment (after which he calls the poster a “gender traitor”). Big trigger warning though.

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  1. Sure, keep on supporting the misogyny of the people supporting sexual coercion, but call me a transphobe. Whatever. This has nothing to do with trans people and everything to do with men who feel entitled to sex. If you don't get that, fuck you.

    1. Trans women (and to make absolutely sure you uderstand, by “trans women”, I mean M2F transgenders) are not men.

      1. I'm beginning to think this is some kind of mental block that bigots have… thinking you're talking about women when you're talking about men. You all suffer from it.

          1. Yea… because it's "transmisogynist" to say men are not entitled to have sex with women. Pathetic. Please do publish your entry everywhere you can, I'd love you to get your comeuppance, asshole!

          2. No transmisogynist is to perpetuate harm against transwomen by insisting on misgendering them. (Which is the least you do actually, your rampart anti-trans bigotry is an insult to feminism)

    2. And whatever else you think you're arguing. That sentence of yours that I quoted is so completely out of line that you've lost any credence in social justice discussions for outright bigotry. On Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 9:14 PM, Db0 <> wrote: Trans women (and to make absolutely sure you uderstand, by “trans women”, I mean M2F transgenders) are not men.

      1. Then stop reading my blog and stop talking about me. By doing so, you're giving me more credit than you think I deserve, no?

        As far as I'm concerned, it's over between us. I am not interested in people who support misogyny.

        1. Nor I in bigots. Goodbye. May you one day realize what a shitlord you've been and feel as embarrassed as you have been with Objectivism.

          1. Only people who never change don't feel embarrassed. This just proves that you are close-minded, and therefore a useless twat.

            PS fuck you for assuming I will one day become a misogynist.

          2. You repeatedly refer to trans women as "trans men." This is not only oppressive and offensive, but it is incorrect. Nobody refers to people who have been assigned as male but who identify as female as "trans men." They are trans women – they are women – and you are a bigot against them.

          3. Because you refuse to call them that. You refer to a "man [who] tries to “pass” as a woman by getting a pseudo-vagina (really just a hole) and getting bigger breasts, and says things like “I always felt I was a woman…" What do you think you were talking about in that sentence? A trans woman isn't a man "morphing themselves into the oppressed," a trans woman is a woman.

          4. Do you not understand english? I have never referred to trans women as anything. Stop your bizarre lies about what I said and not said.

          5. Do you have amnesia or something? Just because you never called them trans women does not mean you never talked about them! Look at what I quoted you as saying. This is something you said; I did not make it up. You suggested that the cotton ceiling theory promoted sexual coercion. This theory is specifically about trans women. Stop denying shit and own up to the fact that you were talking about trans women, that they are women, and that you referred to them as men and accused them as being privileged sexual predators.

            How about this one? "Waaaah! I'm oppressed because I think having a lifeless hole in my crotch should let me get into women's bathrooms!" wtf do you think you were referring to then? All I can see is bigotry. You even call someone a "trans-lover," as if that were an insult. Or are you now going to claim you meant it as a compliment?

          6. There is no progress here Sitakali. The dude is engaging in selective memory to fight cognitive dissonance and spinning definitions so hard that I think my clock went back a few seconds.

          7. Okay, okay, just saw your reply now. I'll let it go. I've just never seen somebody use the amnesia defense before, and it's really bizarre!

  2. Francois and "more-radical-than-thou" drama? Wow, never thought this day would come, once again.

    (To Francois) Look bro, I don't know what your deal is precisely, and I'm not sure if what I'm saying will even come through (probably not), but you're being a silly douche. You're saying things you know to be untrue (db0 being a misogynist etc.) to bolster your identification as a "superior" anarchist, you're talking about things you don't understand very well, and this little show of righteous indignation is just generally pretty pathetic. You're picking on one of the most marginalized groups out there (that is, women willing to go through a painful transformation only to be mocked, shunned and/or beaten/killed for being, essentially, "a faggot with fake tits"), claiming that seeking acceptance is somehow tantamount to rape, and you have the gall to say you speak for women? Guess what – women don't need your voice, so how about you stop being a fucking ventriloquist and for once, listen to the shit you're saying.

    You're a hater, plain and simple. You think the world is a battleground where the good guys fight the bad guys, and anyone who disagrees with you must be a bad guy, instead of a normal person with flaws and virtues. The main problem with this attitude (aside from making others feel bad) is that it will always and forever make you miserable. If that's the way you want to live, go ahead, but don't be surprised when others don't find you as clever and charming as you think you are.

    1. You are correct in saying that women don't need my voice. I admit that. My attacks against misogyny are purely motivated by a desire to seek the truth, not by a desire to help women or be some kind of fake feminist. If feminists told me to stop, I would. But I have gotten nothing but support from them on this issue.

      I assume you are male, because you use macho terms like "bro" and "douche". In that case, I would like you to note that all the people, like you and db0, who have attacked me for my position are MALE (MAABs), and all the people who have reblogged me and congradulated me are FEMALE (FAABs). What the fuck does that tell you, bigot?

      Everything you say (apart from saying that db0 is not a misogynist, which is pure BS, and that I am picking on a marginalized group, which is simply false- also I would like you to tell me what are these things I talk about that I "don't understand very well." I think I understand your misogyny pretty well) is true. So what? What's your point? Are you trying to make me feel bad? Do you really think I have a thin skin after six years of running my blog? Or is this an attempt at intimidation? If so, you deserve to stay on this blog with db0… you are both losers of monumental proportion.

      Your "look at the straw in your eye" attitude is fucking pathetic. I may be a hater, but you are a bigot!

      1. Sitakali has criticised your bigotry and she's female. Broadsnark has retweeted this post and she's female. Does that even matter? No, your transhating bigotry remains.

        I can post this in places where hundreds of radical feminist females will tear your bigotry to shreds. Will that convince you? No, you're far too stubborn and obviously hateful to consider it.

        1. "I can post this in places where hundreds of radical feminist females will tear your bigotry to shreds."

          Then please do it. So far radfems have all been supportive of me. Please help me get more support against you!

      2. "If feminists told me to stop, I would."

        I am a feminist. I am the daughter of two radical feminists. I am a woman. I am telling you to stop.

        1. If you were a feminist, you wouldn't be fighting against women. Don't be ridiculous.

    2. But hey, db0 is a utilitarian and I assume you are as well… so what's wrong with attacking me personally if it gets me to shut up and lets you spread your misogyny further, huh? It's for the greater good… Anarchists you may be, but you're no egalitarians!

  3. "Transphobe"

    This one's new. I see the leftist thought police are doing a good job in coming up with more politically correct terms in their effort to remove the last vestiges of sanity that the modern world still holds.

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