So, it turns out that Francois Tremblay is a shameless transphobe.

[trigger warning for transphobia]

The recent rants against trans-women made me raise an eyebrow about the sheer level irrationality displayed here, but then I folloeda link to a discussion and found out this quote

I don’t want your fucking sympathy, trans-lover.

What the actual fuck Francois? When did  you become a bigoted scumfuck?

Sorry, but this sentence, along with recent peppering of “bitch”, “retard” and “faggot” as slurs in your posts makes me think you’re a very confused individual. Let me make that very very clear to you: You can’t go using misogynistic, ableist or homophobic slurs and  then claim that you “do not impose harm”.

Your laughably misguided “antinatalist” tirades are one thing, but outright bigotry it quite another. Sorry to say but the left-libertarian forum was right to treat you like shit.

Work on your shit dude.

PS: If anyone wants to see the extent of Francois’ transbashing, start reading from this comment (after which he calls the poster a “gender traitor”). Big trigger warning though.