Sorry Bob

Well, I managed to get someone angry with me without really meaning to. You see, there is a group of boardgamers that gather every Sunday at a guy’s house and play games and I contected them in order to meet up with them. However due to heavy amount of drinking and dancing the previous night at Slime Light I ended going home at 8 and sleeping until 1 (and that was lucky).

Problem is that I was supposed to let him know if I was coming or not by 12 and I should be there by 2. I didn’t have his phone number and I didn’t have his address since I was planning to get them from the library on Saturday, which I didn’t find the time to do so afterall.

So, I just thought that since I didn’t call, he would assume I’m not coming and decided to go and find another gaming group that was gathering downtown.

Unfortunately, I didn’t understand how things work exactly and the guy who was hosting the event at his place called me, being a little pissed off, to ask me if I’m going after all. Well, I didn’t really have a good excuse, and I could only apologise.

Well, I blew my chance with that specific gaming group unfortunately and that’s a pity but at least I won’t be here long so it doesn’t make much of a difference. Still, I dislike pissing off people.