Starting adventuring again.

After this last Sunday, I got in the mood to work on [tag]Chronopia Adventures[/tag] again. I don’t know why but I think it was the board game I played, Hunt for Dracula or something, that did it.

It’s been a long time since I worked on that game and the rules are more polished than I remember leaving them at. Still, I never liked that fact that all dungeon encounters were from the same, which meant that every dungeon, of the same level, had the same creatures inhabiting it.

My idea now is to have dungeon types, so for instance a Warped dungeon will be inhabited more by demonic forces while a Desecrated one will have more undead. This will help, imho, to keep a sence of “focus”/realism and not have everything be so random.

Right now the idea is to create a Generic encounter table for each type, that the characters roll at when encounting hostile forces and that is the same for all levels. However when you look the results at their own table, they vary depenging on the level of the party.

The other idea that occured to me is that it would be great to create a program to handle the encounters for the game, in order to cut down on the paperwork. Then all one had to do is bring in a laptop instead of flipping through dozens of papers to find the right tables.

It would also be a great start to pick up on python as well as I’ve been meaning to do.