Still Alive

I’m back from Greece and the world’s once again in alignment

Quick post to let y’all know that I’m back from my 2-week vacation in Greece. Depending on my mood I may post one or more articles and photos about my situation and/or things I did over there. Other than this, I’ve now moved to WordPress 3.0 and I’m fairly excited about the new features it has. Unfortunately the HemingwayEx theme I have does not support most of them, even though it should given it’s hacks to use custom menus on top. Fortunately I’m currently its main developer so I aim to add those features in the short future.

2 thoughts on “Still Alive”

    1. Fotunately for me and unfortunately for my fiancee, no. It had a heatwave when we arrived but it dissipated after 3 days and the next 2 weeks hovered around 25 degrees.

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