Canada points out the accuracy of the "Golden Rule"

Just another example showing who really decides the state policy

Oil sands mine or circuit board?
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“He who has the gold, makes the rules.”

I just read this article about how Canada is not only destroying its own environment and the health of its citizens but sacrificing its international goodwill by actively sabotaging all global environmental initiatives. Why would a first world and rich nation ever have to do something like that? Because of corporate power of course.

Once oil companies discovered that there’s money to be made in the tar sands of alberta, they flexed their political muscles and whatdayaknow, Canada was more than happy to not only help but actively oppose the rest of the world in their interests. Let me say that again just in case it wasn’t clear:

Canada decided to give the finger to the rest of the world in the name of corporate profits.

If that doesn’t clarify for whom governments are working for and which interests the state puts above their own citizens then there’s no hope. Again and again we see this happening and yet deluded Social Democrats and Liberals somehow think that the state is there to protect them and that the “rule of law” treats all interests equally. Well, I’m certain that all those people getting ill from poisoned air and water are accurately compensated. I’m certain that all those future generations who will have to live in a wasteland will not mind it at all.

But go on, just vote another president in 4 years. I’m sure he’ll be able to reverse all the damage done easily. Constitutional¬† “Democracy” will triumph again.

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Finally! I just discovered a site, the type of which I was looking for quite a while.

Knowmore is a mediawiki based site who’s aim is to raise awareness of corporate abuse and actions and generally to create more informed consumers who avoid supporting companies with a track record of corruption.

The funny thing is that I was having an idea for the same thing a few months back but looking around the web, I couldn’t find anything relevant. I knew that I couldn’t have been the first to think of this but without any such place I was honestly thinking of starting it myself. Fortunately, I was right. Other had thought of it before me and had created something already that is much, much better than I ever expected.

Not only is KnowMore wiki based and open for edits for everyone, not only does it already have an estabilished community but it also has a great firefox extension that will inform you of company abuses when you visit their website, when you see their result in google or when you are about to buy their product on online shops (currently amazon only)

It is actually through their extension that I discovered Knowmore as I was looking for more kewl plugins to add to my wonderful, wonderful browser. I am actually surprised that not more people are talking about it. I mean, I just checked and it seems that there are 0 blogs linking to it!

Anyway, I’m very excited to have found this resource. It was desperately needed in this day & age where croynism and corruption run rampart. Did you know for example, that Coca Cola has problems in pretty much all areas of concern? Worker Rights, Croynism, Environment, you name it.

So, to cut this short, at the very least, just go and install the extension on your browser and then forget about it. You’ll only get informed when there is something wrong and then you at least have the chance to avoid it. If you have information on a company OTOH, just head over there and put it in and help the rest of us know.