And now it's Pidgin's turn to go down…

It seems that ICQ made some protocol change which broke the Pidgin and Meebo authentication with it.

Subsequently, the pidgin homepage has been DDOSed from all the people trying to access it, because the Devs decided to send an message to all the clients instructing:

The client version you are using is too old. Please upgrade at

Annoying and funny together 😛

Oh well, it pays to have more than one account at IM services sometimes and for the rest of you, there is always good ol’ email 😉

EDIT: Holy shit. I just got 220 hits on this post for people googling the error message above. Win!

People, if you want another option, go for the ethical choice 😉

Ubuntu Community DDOS

Holy shit! by judging from the current speed of the ubuntu website I can only assume that their servers must be practically melting from the amount of people trying to download the new version.

The ubuntu community is DDOSing their site.

I did manage to download the .torrent file so you can download it from here if you want to. There’s currently ~10.000 peers!