I just discovered my favorite drink…

…It’s called “Black Soul”. It’s 50/50 Black beer and strong mead (and I’m talking 15%-20% here).

I drunk 0.7l in 1 hour

I’m fucking drunk 😛

The barI don’t know any other place that makes it but the alde Germane is the place I discovered it. And let me tell you, that place rocks!

It’s a little german ” pub” (Don’t really know any other way to describe it) that’s been open since 1450. Yes, that’s the 15th century…And it hasn’t aged a day!

The WallIt’s full stone, no bricks, iron or wood (and I’m guessing fucking cold in the winter). It serves drinks in horns, iron or wooden mugs and chalices. The barman and bar woman are dressed in medieval clothing, leather skins are on the wooden benches/seats and generally, the whole feeling is medieval to the bone. Just the place a guy like me would love.

I went there because I was invited by a couple I met last Friday in the Rock Times, when I went to see Arthur. We started talking and when they discovered that I was a gamer, they invited me to join them there.
This was their first meeting, and they plan to meet there once per month and make the third tuesday of every month like a gathering fore medieval gamers (LARP, RPG etc)

The CrowdUnfortunately this time there were not a lot of gamers, but we did get to meet a couple that patronizes the place.So we had someone to talk since no other gamers showed up. No worries though since the place is worth it. The staff is great, the music is great (I went in when they were playing Loreena McKenitt and left while they were playing In Extremo) and the drink is really great!

I stayed there for about 2 hours and I met some great people. All that’s left is to do is just convince Arnoc to join me for the next visit 😉