You now have an urgent mission

OMFG! A Divided by Zero T-Shrit! I must have it!

I just found out about this T -Shirt. Needless to say, I must have it.

Db0 T-Shirt

Unfortunately, I tried to buy it and they only ship to the US at this point so I have no choice. I must ask for the help of my US readers.

Can one of you buy this today (it’s only for available for today apparently) and then ship it to me? I will gladly pay your shipping and purchase costs for it (or you can get it for me as a gift 😉 ). Send me an email and I’ll provide you with my address if you’re open.

Anyone who does this for me can then of course ask for any favour in return 🙂

This T-Shirt was build for me. I neeeeeds it!

EDIT: A friend from Facebook agreed to do this for me so there’s no need to volunteer anymore. That was close though as there was only a 2-hour window left when I posted this.  Cheers all. Pics will be forthcoming 🙂