The most fitting piece of clothing

I have finally found the most appropriate T-Shirt for me evar

A while ago I noticed that this T-Shirt had become available and I just knew I had to have one (for reasons that I expect are immediately obvious). Unfortunately they wouldn’t ship outside of the USA so it was impossible to order one myself.

I thus decided to shout it out and see if anyone in the US is willing to order it for me and fortunately I managed to tickle the mutual aid of Joseph, a fellow anarchist who volunteered to get it for me and send it, via post. Little did I know that he is more forgetful than I am 🙂

So, 6 months later, he remembered that he still hadn’t sent the package, or rather, according to him, his girlfriend reminded him which in turn led to him sending the package over. Unfortunately, I seem to have forgotten to provide him with my IRL name which led to the hilarious event of giving them my alias (as they wouldn’t ship without a name) and telling them that I was some kind of radio personality.

This in turn meant that the package came here without a proper name (The package had no name on it, not even my “radio” alias), and the nice German delivery person, not knowing how to deal with this, dumped the package on top of the mailboxes. It was only by sheer luck that my eyes passed over the package and the name of the sender clicked in my head and made me realize this is for me.

But in the end, things turned out alright, and finally I have the most fitting T-Shirt evar. W00t!

Mad props to Joseph!

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You now have an urgent mission

OMFG! A Divided by Zero T-Shrit! I must have it!

I just found out about this T -Shirt. Needless to say, I must have it.

Db0 T-Shirt

Unfortunately, I tried to buy it and they only ship to the US at this point so I have no choice. I must ask for the help of my US readers.

Can one of you buy this today (it’s only for available for today apparently) and then ship it to me? I will gladly pay your shipping and purchase costs for it (or you can get it for me as a gift 😉 ). Send me an email and I’ll provide you with my address if you’re open.

Anyone who does this for me can then of course ask for any favour in return 🙂

This T-Shirt was build for me. I neeeeeds it!

EDIT: A friend from Facebook agreed to do this for me so there’s no need to volunteer anymore. That was close though as there was only a 2-hour window left when I posted this.  Cheers all. Pics will be forthcoming 🙂