For a total amateur, these are not half-bad.

…if i might say so myself.

So as I was returning from my german lessons and since I happened to carry with me my new camera to take pictures of coworkers) I decided to take a stop at the Alte Oper and test out my night-shot, low-shutter option,

I think the result is pretty decent but I’d love to hear your opinions.


I also decided to try out my hand at compiling a Panorama. Like the Real-Man(tm) that I am, I also decided to go for the hard stuff on the first try, so instead of combining 3-4 shots, I took a whole 360 view at a slow shutter speed…without a tripod (Unless you count my bicycle saddle).

The Result (after nearly killing my computer) is nice enough methinks.


Even though, judging from the individual photos, I did not assume that the end-result would be good. You see, not only were some of the pics quite blurry or a different lighting, but I also managed to take shots that left me very little common space between the pictures to work with.

Nevertheless, Hugin pulled through admirably (Free Software FTW!) and even though one corner had to be cropped, and the top has some blank spots (only because I did not want to crop even more) the colours actually match and you cannot really see any major glitches.

My next goal is to actually take the same pic with a tripod and patience 🙂