"Human Nature" my ass

What motivates people? It sure as hell ain’t money.

I really should start making a series about all the stuff that refute the common flawed preconceptions about “Human Nature” which are then used  by various parties to promote their own agendas. Such as the social democrats promoting a big nanny state or professional managers and the liberals promoting big business and the profit motive. Oh well…I think a bookmark group is enough for now

This latest vid explains something I’ve written about before but bears repeating. Humans are not driven by money or wealth.

Now, you have to ask, how come businesses still do not work with models that go along with what science has discovered of our psychology. Think about it and get back to me.

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Let me blow your mind a bit

An excellent TED talk on how disconnected management and business practices in general are from reality.

Lately it seems a day doesn’t pass where I don’t see something which confirms the Anarchist perspective of reality. Watch the following video from TED. It’s only 20 minutes long but if you haven’t heard about his before, I guarantee it will disrupt many of the things you think you know about business.


It’s funny really. Just the other day someone decided to challenge me on my article about the Uselessness of Management and now I even have the handy proof to show their absolute disconnection from reality. I especially like this video since it points ample light in how much contemporary economics is based on ideology and assumed “axioms of human existence” rather than science.

This is an especially nice video to show to all those proponents of Copyrights and Patents who think these are somehow required to promote creativity and the arts. In fact, it should now be obvious that were copyrights to become absolute and unavoidable, creativity would be severely sniffled.

Hopefully this video should also make those who claim that “if this method was superior to rewards, it would have been selected by the market” reconsider their position on the effectiveness of the markets. Because one has to wonder; If non-reward based motivation is productively inferior, why is it still the dominant form? Unfortunately I know that most probably won’t listen, for when reality and markets clash, ideology will win hands down. But you never know, perhaps it will serve as a push in the right direction, a seed of doubt about the Capitalist system.

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