The kind of anarchist who hates me on reddit

The “Get Shit Done” committee really doesn’t like being reminded that it’s acting at the mandate of a community.

This has been a common trait of almost all the ones who have expressed their intense dislike towards me ((for not being “anarchist enough”. I was also hated by many on the other side of the coin for supposedly facilitating authoritarians)) since the Great /r/Anarchism ShitStorm of 2010, while I was acting as a mod, and even now where I’m not.

Case in Point.

Even more hilarious is that about half a dozen of those most vocal about me being too “liberal”, ended up transforming into authoritarian Marxists of various strains.

I find it very disconcerning that many self-professed anarchists will support some of the most authoritarian decision-making styles, if it will “get things done”, without ever thinking of the costs. As if a movement which based itself on hierarchical and authoritarian “get things done” mentality would somehow transform into a democratic and mutual aid society after those things had been done.

3 thoughts on “The kind of anarchist who hates me on reddit”

  1. LOL! Oh how I recognize this one. Just getting some peeps to read stuff on horizontal decision-making for that very ailment – that and the more manipulative warm fuzzy version of distracting ppl with your superior empathy and thus avoiding decisions altogether.

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