US Fascism rising

It still amazes me how American can stay so oblivious to the Fascist regime that is slowly taking over their country. To many Europeans who took even a bit of time to study the history of the previous century, this is brighter than the sun. All my new German friends have told me until now how they would never go to live in the US and I can perfectly understand that sentiment. Who would want to go and live in a Christianofascist regime?

But every time I visit the Digg or any other site where the percentage of US Americans patrons is large, on all political articles that are against the neo-fascist cons, there will be quite a few conservatives foaming at the mouth on how exagerated this whole thing is. Always!

As an outsider, I’m actually quite interested to see if how history will repeat itself. What “National emergency” will this, or the next goverment use to declare Martial law and start encarcerating Journalists and academics and doubly interested in seeing how will the internet be treated in all of this.

The funny thing is how much the new regime will be backed up by the corporate interests this time. It will certainly feed upon the populace instead of the neighbourghing countries as the Fascists and Nazis of last century did, as they will force them to become obedient little consumers. I’m guessing that the new Opium of choice will not be sports so much as rather Video games like addictive MMORPGS and such as they seem to be doing quite an excellent job in keeping people’s mind off politics.

It also saddens me to a degree. US, which started out as an excellent experiment in freedom has turned into a big clusterfuck of religion and capitalism. I would love to see an America leading the way in human rights and freedom and all the other stuff that most US residents are still deluding themselves that they do, but unfortunately they seem be be going down the drain at astonishing speed. I only hope that after they go down, they don’t take the rest of us with them in a last ditch effort to bring about the rapture (that will of course chose the rich neofascist-cons who crave for it)

Found at No Nore Mr. Nice Guy (Excellent blog. Start reading it, especially if you’re US American)

2 thoughts on “US Fascism rising”

  1. “Man behaves wisely once exhausted all other oportunities..” Don’t remember who said that, but its unfortunately trve. Mankind is not wise enough for freedom. Sad but true, it will take a lot of time and a lot of blood to push them on. :-/

    “I have come a long way where I started from
    but I’m still not even close to where I’m going..”
    — Sentenced, Broken

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