Vacation at last! (Part 1)

Finally I had a chance to go to vacation and it’s really a pretty interesting story on how it occured. (Bear with me because it’s a long story)

Friday started out pretty lame. I didn’t have anything better to do all day and I decided to go out by myself and hoped to bump into someone I knew. After a phone call I found out a friend of mine was working at a cafe and I decided to pay her a visit. Pretty tame stuff, we chatted a bit and then grew bored together (it was the first day on the job for her as well).
In the end I decided to take off and go home and while on the road I decide to phone a friend to see where he is and like me he is walking alone somewhere in the area, so we decide to hang out together at Navarinou square. While there, idly drinking beers another guy that I knew shows up and sis with us. He has something cooked up for the night and after an hour or so we, an some friends of his head for the warf where the bar-ships dock. We sit at the Statue of Alexander the great chatting and drinking beers, nothing serious.
Time passes, my friend takes off and after a little while they decide to go to the X club where there is a Goth party going on. I had some reservations but I didn’t have anything better to do.

The most interesting things that happened there are a) I went to Dizzy to see who’s hanging around there and bumped into a nice guy that I had talked to once, while I was hitting on a chick. He seems a pretty nice guy and we exchanged phone numbers to hang out again. b) I saw some pretty chick get worked up because some beer was spelt on her, she deserved it methinks. c) Got turned down by another goth chick before I had a chance to say much of anything other than “Hi, may I sit here”…eh d) I went outside to get some air and I bumped into an aquitance of mine (Mazetas) that we used to play card games together, he was returning from a club obviously. the time was 5 am and our conversation went like this.

Me – Hey man how is it hanging
Mazetas – You know the usual, we were just getting home
Me (atfer some more small talk) – So, you been to vacation yet?
Mazetas – Nope, but tomorrow morning we’re leaving for Posidi camping
Me – Really? (Joking) Is there room for one more?
Mazetas – Sure
Me – You’re serious? May I come?
Mazetas – Sure, why not. We’re leaving tomorrow morning at 11

And that was it, just like that, after desperate searching for vacation all week, I find it outside the X club at 5 am in the morning. Now I see this as an extreme example of luck. WHat was the chance of me being in that party (i’m not a goth) and going outside at the exact time this guy was walking outside?
And the streak of luck does not end here of course.

Saturday I was up and ready by 10:30 am. I had my things done before I went to sleep and all I had to do before they called me was to surf the net and prepare some tasks for my pc to perform while I am away. I attend to these and I sit waiting. I also have this nagging feeling that they will forget me, or that they won’t find my number or something like that so for some reason I decide to go down and wait for them at the McDonalds accross the street. That was a dumb idea of course because it only helped to increase my stress. After 50 minutes I returned home, certain that they had forgotten me, or changed their mind. I left my bag at the door and went to sleep
…only to be woken up at 1pm by a phonecall. It was Mazetas informing me that they would be passing by in 20 minutes.

Yay! I was going on vacation!

Once I find the time, wait for part 2 where I discuss what the camping experience was like.