Vacation at last! (Part 2)

Saturday (cont.) After an uneventful trip we arrived at Posidi. Now our way of admittance was by a way of sneak entry through a hole in the back fence. You see, Posidi is only for Students of a specific university and each student may bring in one non-student as a guest. Since we didn’t have any students amongst us, this was the only way in.
It wasn’t at all difficult to get in, however we learned after a while that things have started tightening up a bit. Camping security was touring the perimeter searching rogue campers and throwing them out. I wasn’t very worried at the time since we weren’t planning to stay long anyway.
Our original plan was to stay until Sunday night and then get out the same way we got in and head back…well that plan obviously went down the drain, and pretty soon as well.
During the trip, one of the guys we were going with announced that he was going to stay there for at least a week. Upon hearing that of course I wanted to stay too but I had only packed enough things for two days and so I was a bit worried. I also had very few money, just 50 euro, with me and I didn’t know if I could make it.

We found a spot near the guys’ friends and set up our tents there, got dressed and went to the beach to meet them.
It was a shock, everywhere I looked, young, nible female bodies were swimming, playing, talking or just lying down. I has to force myself to close my jaw. Literaly boobs and asses everywhere.
In any case we met some of the friends of the guys and specifically Ourania, a girl I came to like from the first time (Too bad she was so very fat), and then had a swim. Of course I didn’t have sunblock with me and the 6 protection of Kostas (the other guy I came with, hereon known as Tall) wasn’t very comforting.

After the bath we got to our tents beside which a few people had gathered, some I had seen their faces and one I knew as Ksi (or Xi). I took a normal bath and changed into more normal clothes, black trousers and a black sleeveless shirt which I left open because of the heat. And then the first interesting thing happened, one of the girls, which I later found out was Ksi’s sister, started looking at me…a lot. I was kind of invigorating. Unfortunately they left the same day and she also lives in Athens so there wasn’t much chance anyway.

Now there was a Reggae/Jazz/Whatever concert at the local cantina, which was run by the Teenage Communist Party (KNE) and we decided to hang out there originally before heading for the beach bar. We sat there making fun of the band (it really wasn’t very good) and drinking beers when the first surprise struck. A girl, Lena, which I had met while I was still with my ex, and which had taken an interest in me back then showed up again. She just walked up to me while I was sitting in my chair and asked me if I was going to the X club.
Now believe you me, I was overjoyed. I had been searching for this girl for quite a while after breaking up and I just could not locate her. She also seemed very glad to see me and we got to talking.
We talked so much that the show ended and my buddies left for the beach bar. I told her all about my ex and my adventures after that and she told me about her current bf and what’s she’s going through (not much). There was also much holding of hands and hugging which imho is good. In the end we decided to meet up again at the beach bar.

The beach bar was packed. Packed in the equivalent of New York Guidos. After I met with my friends i sat amused watching a steroid pumped guy dancing (or trying to dance) with a group of girls. The only thing that guy did was clap his hands. I mean, all the friggin time. He would stop for maybe one minute and then start clapping rhythmicaly again clap,clap,clap it was getting ridiculous and I think the girls were getting tired of it as well.

Lena showed up but she disappeared again and I was left literally hanging dry. The other guys retreated to sleep at about 2am and I was left alone. Luckily Ourania and her friends stayed as well so I at least had an anchor. But even with that I was extremely bored. The music (Greek light country music) is the worst kind for me and when it did play foreign music was for a little while and only the most idiotic beats around. I’m telling you, the DJ should be shot in the street.
Fortunately there was some eye candy around (Specifically a couple of girls from the ANT-1 radio dancing around semi naked) and so I had something to occupy me. Nevertheless I grew bored, took a walk on the beach and was about to leave when I found Lena again.
Unfortunately she seemed to want to pass more time with her friends than me, I didn’t mind much but I was bored. Thus I drank a glass of expensive cocktail, hanged around a bit and went to bed.

Anyway, more later. I’m bored right now.